Jamie’s Cafe

Looking for a cute, Instragammable cafe with affordable food? Try Jamie’s Cafe, located at Ricor apartment, E. Rodriguez ave.,Taytay, Rizal. They’re open and waiting for you to drop by from 3:00 pm – 10:00 pm.

This cutie cafe will surely make you snap a lot of photos, so free up your phone space before you go.

More deets about the cafe in the captions.

From Tropical Hut Taytay, ride a tricycle and just tell the driver the name of the café and he’ll take you there without further instructions for P20. The cafe is near Siena College, so when you pass by it, you’ll know you’re near.
Who wouldn’t want to go inside this cutie cafe?
Look at this cute cupcake ferris wheel.
The theme is clearly pastel colors, it’s visible through the pastel colored tables, chairs, pillows, and walls.
They sell love locks for P 75 only, get it by the counter and lock it with your special someone at the grills outside the cafe.
To the Unicorn Lovers out there, for P40 you can buy “Unicorn Tears” that will quench your thirst and satisfy your addiction with those majestic creatures with its fruity flavor.
We’re fortunate enough to be able to avail these goodies during their bake sale. The Cashew Choco Fuse (right, front) is only P60 per slice but you’ll be able to buy 2 for P90 only. While the Tiramisu (left, back) is only P50 but you’ll also be able to buy 2 for P80 only. Such a win-win price!
The obligatory flatlay. Yummy but not pricey.
This artsy wall is something you wouldn’t want to miss and maybe put in your IG feed.
This mesmerizing ceiling decors that will make you crave for cotton candies.
The items on their menu are all affordable, almost all pastries and drinks are below P 100! Make sure to try their specialties too which are their different types of cheesecakes.
The colors of this cafe are simply relaxing.
The obligatory photo by the Jamie’s logo.
Hurry up or you’ll miss the sale!
The café isn’t that big but it is small enough to be cozy and comfortable. There is no wifi so you can just sit in a corner and focus with who you are with or just go alone and drink peacefully with the throw pillows.

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